Due to family commitments we have made the decision to discontinue LBDLIFE.com.

We thank everyone for their patronage and ask that you still support BSF, BSR and OperationLBD.

Little Brown Dog Life

Out of the adoration for our "little brown dogs" we have formed this online business. Some of our sales proceeds will be donated to the BSF (Boykin Spaniel Foundation) and the BSR (Boykin Spaniel Rescue). We believe in giving back to the brown dog community that has embraced us so warmly and helped us teach our bird-loving hunting dogs to be the best they can be—both on the hunt and in the home.

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Support BSF

The Boykin Spaniel Foundation helps educate and fund testing for health issues specific to the eyes, hips, heart, knees and exercise induced collapse (EIC).

Support BSR

The Boykin Spaniel Rescue is an organization full of wonderful volunteers that remain dedicated to rehoming unwanted or neglected purebred Boykin Spaniels.